Big Horse Station
Panzas Tee Bird
1994 Seasoned Horse
$ 3,500 SOLD !
Nickname Sinatra, APHA # 287849 Chestnut/ Overo Gelding. Sinatra has been a guide and guest horse for us since he was three years old. He is wonderful on the trail and little kids have ridden him for many miles. He has enough talent to be a fun all around type horse. An Intermediate or better rider is best suited for gaming and other speed events on him. Flashy flaxen mane and friendly. Take him to the mountains or the arena he will go with lots of heart.
1 Panzas Tee Bird
2 Panzas Tee Bird
3 Panzas Tee Bird
4 Panzas Tee Bird
5 Panzas Tee Bird
6 Panzas Tee Bird
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