Big Horse Station
Hi Vickie:
I bought Spartacus, now Big Dave, from you last May.
He's continued to mature into a wonderful safe trail horse and is currently starting driving.
As I had hoped in getting a draft cross, Dave is really a sensible, nice and wonderful horse to ride.
He’s also quite the joker and is very playful with the water and other horses.
The only trouble with trail riding is his propensity to drop down in a stream to roll.
I am also cheap entertainment with the riding club. At 17 hands, mounting is always worth some comment. I call it “big horse yoga” and everyone likes to come see me mount on the flat with no assistance. Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!
In our riding club, everyone knows Dave (probably because he's the biggest horse there and tends to ride with the Paso’s) and has a good reputation for being a great trail horse (even if he’s only five years old). In fact, he’s more bomb proof than most horses that are 2 - 3 times his age.
He’s a sweetie and you really did a great job in making him an honest, trusting and capable mount.
If I could have 5 more of your horses, I would do it in a heartbeat. Big Dave is fantastic.
Kristen P.
Dave 1 Dave 2
Dave 3
Dave 4
Hi Vicki,
Just wanted to let you know that Turbo is doing fabulous. We love him. He is quite the character and boss of our place. He really likes attention and seems to learn fairly fast.
My daughter Molly is riding him bareback in lessons, trying to teach him his leads so she can ride him in our Ehcapa horse group this next season. I have attached a picture of Turbo and Molly for you to see.
Hope all is well in your horse world.
Karen C.
Eagle Idaho
This is Carlton and my first ride. He is such a patient boy with me.
He is proving to be the BEST horse for me. We went on a trail ride along the railroad tracks when the train came! The train blew its whistle 3 x and let out its air brakes right next to us. We were between the hiway and the train with nowhere to go; only about 2 car lengths from the train. He circled a bit but kept his cool did not buck or try to run home. After watching about 40 freight cars go by, he was pretty bored. I was with two other seasoned eventing riders that hemmed him in just in case he couldn’t handle it. His response was so reasonable and it showed me that he has a good mind etc. I rode him out on trail alone today. We are making a great team. When I go out with others, he wants to be lead horse.
Thanks a bunch.
Mary Ann
Hi Vickie!
I am really enjoying Waldo! He is getting more and more beautiful as he matures. He is still growing so I have no idea how big he will be. He and I are in training together and he takes very good care of me (and vice versa). Once he sheds his winter coat I’ll take some more pictures of him. I have attached one I took of a visit we had with my brother and his children last year. I’ll take some pictures of him for you to put on your website.
He is out in Stayton with a large paddock to play around in. He is very playful and curious and very smart. He is a little willful, as you would expect from a young warm blood gelding, but once he has determined his limits (been corrected), he is fine with doing what is expected of him.
I am also looking for a good sturdy very calm and older horse for my husband Gary. He has not ridden, so we need a gelding that will keep Waldo company and be suitable for Gary to learn on and trail ride on. I have looked on your web site, but thought you might have an idea.
Thanks for your time.
Hey Vickie!
How are you doing now that the season is over? Waldo is doing super. He is the perfect combination of spunk, smarts, and patience. He and I are being schooled in side passes and collection and we are thinking of showing him in some novice classes next year. He is becoming a very handsome horse as he continues to grow and mature.
Waldo 1 Waldo 2
Clicker and Baron
Hi there Vicki and Valerie!
Just wanted to drop you a line of how wonderful our two geldings are that we bought late fall. Clicker and Baron are growing like mad. They're halter broke, tie, roundpenned and working on trailering. Wish the weather would cooperate. Baron is ready to be ridden but once we start I would like to put a straight ten days in a row on him so waiting until better weather. Clicker has the biggest knees and hocks! We love their big hooves.
Matt and I are thinking on buying from you again in the future we are so happy with these two and their easy keepers and very gentle. My vet stopped by the other day for my mare and couldn’t get over my two geldings we bought from you in fact he is jealous! I’ll send pictures when their shed out.
Take care and hope you’re not working too hard over the winter! We’re hoping to get some slack time ourselves!
Matt and DeeDee H.
Baron Clicker
Hey Virginia,
Cotton Candy is the best horse ever. she is spoiled to death. She is great at what she does.
Just wanted to give you an update.
Hello Vickie!
Reba, (formerly P-1017) came into our lives (and hearts) in May, 2006! Her immediate previous owner said she came from the Lazy Z in Sisters. This tripped my curiosity, so I wanted to know more about her “roots”. I did some investigation through the versatilehorses web site and was able to get in touch with you last summer.
You were so instrumental in providing invaluable background information on her, including her birthplace at Griffin Valley Ranch, in Cochrane, Alberta. I learned your wonderful team transported her down to Oregon, and gave her a new beginning! Thank you again for all your efforts!
Reba is now 5 years old, and as you can see from the pictures, she has blossomed into the most beautiful and sturdy mare around! She has a very sweet, calm and animated personality! We love to ride for pleasure, and she is one of the best trail horses I have ever owned! Simply put, she is my pride and joy!
Many thanks again!
Peggy and Ken S.
West Linn, Oregon
Reba 1 Reba 2
Nitro and Selka
Hi Vickie,
I Thought I would share some pictures of Nitro and his mom Selka (#540) from when he was born and one from last summer. I think he was born half grown! lol
Please share them with Virginia. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Virginia just happened to get some pictures of Selka. <G> I miss her, but know she is much happier not having to deal with people. She taught me allot and I am very happy to have Nitro.
I waited so long to have horses and I never thought I would have the chance to have a foal. He will be with me forever as I cannot ever imagine parting with my boy. I will take some nice pictures of him after he sheds this year for your feedback page! Hopefully I will be riding him sometime this summer.
Tonisha S.
Nitro 1 Nitro 2
Nitro 3
Hi Vickie,
I think we’ve got a winner with “Eminent”, whom I have re-named Monty. He is such a sweet, unflappable guy. I’ve hauled him to a couple of different facilities doing ground work and he’s been a dream. He gets along with the other horses and barn people, works well in the round pen, is just an all around good guy.
So, do you know his breeding? I was thinking running quarter Dam and Percheron Dad? I would love to know, I think he is going to be a wonderful horse for me.
Thank you so much! Let me know what you know of his parentage when you have a moment. We sing the praises of Big Horse Station!
Emmenet 1
Emmenet 2 Emmenet 3
Hi Vicki,
I kept wanting to contact you and tell you what a great girl Visalia is. She went to her first Natural Horsemanship clinic with Steve and showed how smart she is. She learns quickly and willingly and she lets horses free if she can unlatch or unchain the lock. She and her buddy Emment (now Monty) were at the clinic together and she kept unlatching the pannels and letting them out to play at night.
I truly love her and cannot tell you what a great girl she is. I hope to be on her shortly and send you some updated pictures. In the mean time this picture was just a down time at the clinic, watch out she’s a wild one! lol
Nicole S.
Hi Vickie,
Scout’s a wonderful horse and he’s getting along really well with our other three equines. Thanks again for riding Scout the day I came out to see Ping.
Kay H.
Sutherlin, OR
Scout 1
Scout 2
Bowdie is doing great. We love him so much!
He has a GREAT temperament and wonderful personality! My Dad has a special bond with him like no other.
I would highly recommend ANYONE to buy a horse from you. Your horses have great conformation, temperament, and bone.
Here are some pictures...
Bowdie 1
Bowdie 2 Bowdie 3
Bowdie 4 Bowdie 5
Bowdie 6 Bowdie 7
Bowdie 8
I have attached a pic of Tumalo and I in lessons. We are doing great.
Thanks, Karen
Tumalo 1
Hi Vicki,
It is Robin from last Fall. I am the one the bought Tony the big pony. I just wanted to check back in with you. His new name is Baby Huey, because he is just like a big kid that has to put everything in his mouth.
I absolutely love his gentle and curious personality. I am so glad you thought of me when you bought him back. His personality and mine are a great fit. He doesn’t require a strong hand because he tends to get his feelings hurt if you get too rough with him.
I have been trying to get the dentist out to check on his mouth, because he is still funny about the bridle. So I have just been using a rope hack on him and he has been doing great with that. He has also put on alot of weight since you last saw him.
Here are a few pictures of him that were taken in May when my cousin’s disabled daughter came out for a ride. He was so good with her. I will keep you updated on his progress. Again thanks for the new addition to my family.
Robin S.
Tony 1 Tony 2
Hi Vickie,
I just thought you might like to hear that Scout is doing very well. He is such a kind horse. My husband has never been very interested in my other horse, but he’s crazy about Scout.
We’ve been taking riding lessons for the past couple of months and Scout has turned out to be an outstanding lesson horse. I’ve only ridden Scout in an arena and on my property but I’ll be trailering him to trails soon.
Hope you’re fine,
Kay H.
Scout 3 Scout 4
I am one happy horse owner! Remember Phil and Debbie S., Salem, who bought Zjord (BelguimxNorwegian Fjord) from your string and Slide (4 yr old ClydesdalexQuarter horse)?
Slide (Slide McBride, Mac, for short) is definately the BEST horse I've ever owned. Let's see . . . I've owned and ridden for several years each, two appaloosas, two thoroughbreds, a pinto, and an Arabian). What makes Mac so special? He's calm, totally honest, expects me to be the leader, loves to learn and have fun with me.
I've joined our local OPRC (Old Peoples Riding Club, loosely associated with the Pony Club of America) in January. Since then, I've been taking jumping and dressage lessons with Mac. My instructors and ladies of my group (many who are riding very expensive thoroughbreds and warmbloods) think I've got the better horse. One such lady is having her trainer in California check out your horses after being around Mac at one of our club's three-day eventing clinics in September.
I've been so impressed from the start with his initial training you all had done with Mac. I enjoyed reading the article in the Western Horseman about you, your sister and the techniques you use in training your horses.
I don't plan on competing with Mac, but I can't tell you enough about how thrilled I am to own Mac. I am having the best time of my horsey life with this horse!
Debbie S.
Slide 1 Slide 2
Clicker and Baron
Hi there,
Thought it has been a couple of years so time for an update on Dawson (Baron) and Timber (Clicker). Dawson proved to be a horse that needed an every day job so a friend of ours picked him up for his personal ranch horse, he's the owner. I ran into a couple of trainers that seen Dawson and were very impressed with his structure and willingness to learn. It was a perfect fit for him.
Now for Timber who we could never part with the same yearling that followed me all over your ranch when we picked out Dawson and then we decided to take him home too since he wouldn't leave me alone. He is three now and growing like a weed. He is a great trail horse loves hanging in the arena and will do what ever he is asked. Better yet he is truly bomb proof he is more of the curious sort than spooky. Here are some pictures of Timber Flight He definitely grew into that neck of his that caused us to name him Timber! lol He is still growing, and the three day eventers around here are drooling!
DeeDee H.
DH 1
Before picture off your ranch
DH 2
Husband safe!
DH 3
Nice three year old trail horse!
DH 4
Beginner safe for first time rider.
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